Untapped intentions, nothing ever happens here. . . Just can’t you feel it calling? something’s stirring.


“So.. it’s the normal typical small town life with a university, The one where you set your thoughts on adventures and dreams of one day escaping and living the big life. "

“Yeah.. one day! we’ll all get out of this no where place.”

“So why did you move here?”

“The broken family dream of moving to a small town and getting reunited together again bit? yeah I’ve heard that one kid.. that sucks..” We all have a our reasons and excuses of why we’re here.. and all have our problems with our families it just never get’s shown in a small town. Everyone has different faces of home and what ya see around town… the university? oh there’s some stories to tell there."


There was one time… where we lite fire crackers under the pep rally outside the bleachers once.. It was awesome! you should have saw the stuck up cheerleaders faces! haha! woo! oh wait, i’m getting carried away.. that’s a story for another day.."

“We do the best we can to have some fun, every now and then if it’s mischief or hanging out. Welcome to Hamilton, common.. new kid i’ll show ya around. . .”


One day's wishes. . .

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