The burnt mill complex of Bernat

The building was a great source of income to the city back in the 40’s brought a lot of prosperity but when the fire of 62 hit it all came crashing down. Some say with the fire it took people with it not being able to cover the grounds. Some say it’s haunted. With the company went bankrupt without being about to rebuild it was left as it for sale. Except not many people come to town to build and see profit in mills anymore..

The Bankrupt and for sale sign as long been beat up and damaged and gratified and target practice and as been torn down for a long time..

The outcasts and punks like to hang out down by the mill a lot of graffiti has become upon the building as of late, as brawls and fights have occurred. Underage drinking and other illegal things happen here. the Huston river which is half polluted is located on the other side that runs through the town.


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The burnt mill complex of Bernat

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